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What is honey propolis? Providing honey propolis from chief suppliers

Honey Propolis, although a lesser known substance; But it is a healing substance that is produced by bees, and in addition to bees, it is also full of properties for humans. The properties of propolis are so great that it has attracted the attention of scientistshoney propolis main suppliers

What is honey propolis?

What is honey propolis?  Propolis is a substance produced from the sap of trees and plants. During its continuous patrols, the honey bee collects these sap, brings them to the hive, and by combining them with other substances, as well as adding some enzymes to these raw materials, it produces propolis.

Propolis has many uses in hives. This natural substance is the main cause of disinfection of hives. That’s why the hive is so clean and there is no contamination with honey. The active ingredients in propolis are such that they kill all kinds of germs and ensure the health of bees and products. With the help of propolis, the dust or the bodies of bees and annoying insects are killed, mummified and sent out, and very soon the infected environments are removed with propolis. Also, propolis,  acts as a building material in the hive. Propolis is used as a sealant to prevent any contamination from entering the hive, which plays a vital role.

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Providing honey propolis from chief suppliers

Providing honey propolis from chief suppliers honey propolis is produced by worker bees, which are secreted from eight glands that are mirrored in the inner wall of the sternum (abdominal shield or abdominal plate) in the abdominal parts 4 to 7. The size of these sebaceous glands depends on the age of the worker bee, and after increasing the number of daily flights, these glands become atrophic and decrease in size. Fresh wax is a clear, colorless glass that becomes dull and dark as a result of chewing and mixing with pollen by worker bees. In addition, the wax combines with the addition of pollen oils and gums to yellowing and browning. The wax is about 3 millimeters (0.12 inches) long and 0.1 millimeters (0.0039 inches) thick, and 1,100 of them are needed to produce 1 gram of wax. [1]

Bees use wax to make honey comb cells in which the young grow with honey and pollen stored. To secrete wax from bee-producing bees, the temperature of the hive should be between 33 and 36 degrees Celsius (91-91 degrees Fahrenheit). The amount of honey used by bees to produce wax is not accurately measured. The book Production of Wax, Planting, Processing and Products suggests that 1 kg of wax is enough to produce 22 kg of honey. 

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